Dendrocalamus membranaceus

Giant Bamboo

Botanical nomenclature: dendrocalamus membranaceus
Family: poaceae
Origin: thailand
Climate: tropical and subtropical
Height: 22-28 meters height and 15 cm diameter
Resistant and tolerant dry and negative temperature of -4ºc

Categories: Bamboo

Bambusa Bambos (Bambusa Arundinacea)

Indian bamboo, giant thorny bamboo, giant bamboo

Botanical nomenclature: bambusa bambos = (bambusa arundinacea)
Common name: indian bamboo, giant thorny bamboo, giant bamboo
Family: poaceae
Source: south east asia
Height: 30 meters
Diameter: 15-25 cm
Climate: tropical, tropical of altitude and subtropical

Categories: Bamboo

Schizostachyum Funghomii

Schizostachyum funghomii

Botanical Nomenclature: schizostachyum funghomii
Common Name: schizostachyum funghomii
Family: Poaceae
Origin: china
Climate: tropical and subtropical
Brightness: Full sun or half shade
Maximum height: 15 meters
Diameter: 4-10 cm

Categories: Bamboo

Dendrocalamus Strictus

Male Bamboo, Iron Bamboo

Family: Poaceae
Origin: India
Height: 18 Meters
Diameter: Between 14 And 16 Centimeters.
Very Tolerant To Dry And Frost

Categories: Bamboo