Many people involved in their complex daily life, full of activities, life, study, work, children, more study, work and so on, put aside the simple things in life. Simple things, not that simple.

How many times have you not opened a magazine and seen a beautiful Brahea Armata, almost a queen to be contemplated? The delicacy of an Ipomoea, a Viola? The grandeur, almost mesmerized a baobab? The Adonsonias, Lobelias. There are so many, so many... There are thousands of species that make our lives simpler, lighter. Whether it is for your home, your apartment or for farming and making money?

Our mission is to be a seed and spread a better world. bring to our client's house, place, home what he wants. Species often found only in publications, books, magazines, documentaries. Many times it is possible and our desire is to participate in this conquest.

Welcome, this is our world.